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Our Services

  • Theatrical Distribution

    • Identify and secure release date
    • Track competitive landscape
    • Strategize a distribution pattern that consists of markets and number of screens consistent with budget and goals
    • Develop pitch for exhibitors
    • Negotiate with theatre chains to lock in theatres (AMC, Regal, Landmark, Sundance…)
    • Exhibitor relations – trailer placement, one-sheet and any ancillary promotional materials
    • Coordinate with digital providers
    • Coordinate with Technicolor or fulfillment house to provide DCP, blu rays
    • Track grosses and report to trades
    • Settle film rental and collections

    Theatrical Marketing, Publicity, Advertising & Promotions

    • Create an overall marketing strategy and budget
    • Hire, give direction and manage creative vendors for one-sheet and trailer materials
    • Strategize and implement National publicity campaign
    • Strategize and implement Regional publicity campaign
    • Digital online
      - Hire and liaise with New Media agency
      - Create Facebook and Twitter profiles
      - Work with web designer to create a comprehensive website
      - Create asset list and timeline
      - Develop online pitch letters and blogging ideas
      - Online Asset placement of trailer, clips, one-sheet and photo's
      - Oversee social networking & blogging sites to seed the net and create discussion groups and online forums
    • Create media budgets and schedules
      - Direct art director on ad breakdowns and provide copy, quotes, billing blocks
      - National, cable Television
      - Radio
      - Online
      - Outdoor
    • Word of mouth/grass roots
      - Work with print publications, radio stations, film classes, film festivals to set opinion and tastemaker screenings
      - Hire and manage street team/ambassadors for poster and postcard distribution

    New Media Marketing

    • Create Facebook & Twitter profiles to seek out followers and journalists who are interested in film updates and news
    • Work with web designer to build a comprehensive website that maximizes the campaign
    • Create a comprehensive online viral marketing campaign combining asset placement, promotions and web 2.0 initiatives, while supporting the traditional and niche marketing and public relations efforts for the film
    • Develop online press release, pitch letters and blogging pitches
    • Exclusive Clips and Image Placement with online entertainment sites
    • Oversee trailer placement to online entertainment and niche web sites
    • Oversee review, and social networking & blogging sites to seed the net and create discussion groups, online forums and chats with the filmmakers
    • Create asset list and timeline
    • Non Theatrical marketing/Social Action campaigns

    Award Campaigns

    • Provide and implement strategy for Academy, Golden Globe, SAG, DGA, WGA, Spirit and Gotham award campaigns
    • Create budget to coincide with overall strategy
    • Organize a strategic screening program to reach Award voters with Variety, Los Angeles Times, The Wrap, Deadline and other comparable allegiances followed by Q & A's with filmmakers and cast
    • Pitch Awards press and bloggers
    • Create advertising schedule with major trades and other Award publications
    • Oversee all opportunities with National Board of Review, New York Film Critic Awards, Los Angeles Film Critic Awards, Regional Film Critic Awards

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    Film Festival Positioning

    • Cannes Film Festival
    • Sundance Film Festival
    • Venice Film Festival
    • New York Film Festival
    • Toronto Film Festival
    • Berlin Film Festival
    • Telluride Film Festival
    • Tribeca Film Festival
    • Los Angeles Film Festival
    • AFI
    • SXSW
    • Hamptons Film Festival
    • ND/NF
    • MOMA/Canadian Front
    • Premiere Brazil
    • MOMA
    • Miami Film Festival
    • Rio Film Festival
    • Guadalajara Film Festival
    • Locarno Film Festival
    • All major Gay and Lesbian Film festivals in the U.S.
    • All major Jewish Film festivals in the U.S.
    • All major Latino Film festivals in the U.S.

    Film Festival Publicity

    • Strategize on film's festival launch
    • Securing Trade reviews
    • Creating positioning production notes
    • Creating Press screening invitations
    • Contacting national/regional Press
    • Setting Press schedules for film's filmmakers and talent

    Film Festival Marketing

    • Positioning and strategy for film's festival launch
    • Festival positioning – work with the filmmakers to identify the goals to be achieved at each festival
    • Creating trailer
    • Creating One Sheet (poster)
    • Creating production notes
    • Creating Broadcast clips
    • Work with website designer to create a dynamic site that will give the audience somewhere to go and find out about the film when it's getting the maximum exposure at the festival.

    Producer Representation and Sales

    • We work with the filmmaker as a trusted partner to guide and implement them though every stage of bringing their film to a major festival and market.
    • We work closely with the filmmakers to strategize and position the film for the festival launch.
    • We work with the filmmaker to achieve their goals and to find the best home for their film.

    Tastemaker Screenings

    • We create and coordinate intimate Word of Mouth screenings/receptions with Media outlets, Awards voters, Literary professionals, Museums, and non theatrical and specialty venues.


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    • v.o.d. ancillary sales
    • v.o.d. ancillary marketing